Taxonomic Database Tool

The SCAMIT Taxonomic Database Tool is a draft general-purpose tool based on the SCAMIT Edition 7 taxon list, designed to make information readily available for taxonomists and ecologists:
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Provisional Species Voucher Sheet Guidelines

SCAMIT Provisional Species voucher sheets have a long history going back to the early years of SCAMIT. SCAMIT begin publishing a Species List of member reported SCB described and provisional species in 1994 and since 2011 publishes annual updates. The requirements for acceptance of provisional species voucher sheets for inclusion on the Species List over the years have varied. The Species List Review Committee meeting in June 2015 decided to adopt the following guidelines for the creation, vetting, and acceptance on the Species List:
      SCAMIT Provisional Voucher Sheet Guidelines [Updated 5 Aug 2022]

Taxonomic Toolbox

The taxon trees conform to Edition 7 (to match the current Taxonomic Database Tool).

In the second half of 2012, a series of “new” Toolbox files were added from agency and individual collections. These files are temporarily renamed with a leading asterisk and are shown in green (e.g. *Aberranta sp SD2.pdf). Once there has been a chance for expert review, the asterisk/green will be removed.

Please send comments and observations about these files to Kelvin Barwick ( Thanks!

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Taxonomic Toolbox “Remainder” Files

This list is in the “old” toolbox hierarchy (not reflecting any specific SCAMIT Edition X hierarchy). It contains about 100 files that need expert advice to determine where to place them in the standard Toolbox hierarchy (or whether to keep them at all).