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Chromodoris willani

Membership renewals are due once a year in May. This is the beginning of our fiscal year and this will hopefully simplify the renewal process for not only the Treasurer but all members. This also allows SCAMIT a general yearly operating budget with which to plan major expenses. General reminders will be posted on the website and in the newsletter and if members haven't renewed by the end of May, separate personal reminders will be sent to members in June.

New members may join at any time and will be informed of our annual dues then. It has always been SCAMIT's policy not to drop members late with their dues, especially long term members. This will continue. As always if this presents any sort of difficulty for anyone please contact the Treasurer directly (see below) to see what can be worked out.

Questions? We're all pretty busy with work but email us and we promise we will get back to you. If you're sending in your check for a new SCAMIT membership, we'll get back to you even sooner!

If paying by check

Membership rates if paying by check:

To join or renew by check, please fill out the SCAMIT membership form, and send it with a check made out to SCAMIT and mail it to:

Treasurer: Erin Oderlin
PO BOX 50162
Long Beach, CA 90815

If paying via Paypal

Membership rates if paying via Paypal (slightly higher to include transaction fees):

To pay via Paypal:

  1. Fill in the electronic membership form; then
  2. Select a membership status and click Buy Now below.

    Membership rates

Thank you for your interest in SCAMIT.

More Information

If you need any other information concerning SCAMIT please feel free to contact us.