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Courtesy of Ann Dalkey (January 2003): SCAMIT’s Twenty Year Anniversary.

Publication Grants

Planning a taxonomic publication? SCAMIT can help! SCAMIT has a Taxonomic Publication Grants program that can help defray material costs of publication. Please feel free to apply!

Upcoming SCAMIT Meetings

Monday 16 October 2017 9:30–4:00
Specimen photography at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Lead: Leslie Harris & Dean Pentcheff

Tuesday 14 November 2017 9:30–4:00
Annelida review of the Taxonomic Toolbox at OCSD

Lead: Kelvin Barwick
We will begin to review the Annelida section of the Toolbox on the web site. This is similar to the process we did a while back for the Mollusca. In that meeting we reviewed what was on the site and decided as a group what needed to be added, updated, changed or removed. This a good time to start this as we all gear up for another Bight survey. A time to, literally, compare notes. I suspect that this will take more than one meeting to complete.

Monday 11 December 2017
SCAMIT All Members Meeting at SCCWRP

This will be our second annual all members meeting at SCCWRP. As was the case last year, SCAMIT will be buying lunch. Along with the usual business, topics will include planning for the upcoming year’s meeting schedule, a report from the Species List Review Committee, challenges and opportunities of Bight ’18 and a vote on proposed changes to the Constitution. More details to follow.

Questions? Contact: Leslie Harris at lharris@nhm.org or Kelvin Barwick at kbarwick@ocsd.com.

Upcoming Meetings of Interest

None currently listed.

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Delonovolva aequalis
Delonovolva aequalis

Thanks to the scanning efforts of Rick Rowe and the Orange County Sanitation District, and PDF processing by Cheryl Brantley, our collection of SCAMIT newsletters is complete. You're welcome to visit the latest newsletter, as well as journey into the past.